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Signing the Contract, the Client confirms that he grants permission for processing to the Performer of the personal information for the purpose of a possibility of conditions performance of the present Contract, a possibility of carrying out mutual settlements and also for obtaining accounts, acts and other documents. Permission for processing of personal information works during all period of validity of the Contract and also within next five years after the end of his action period. Destruction of personal information is the basis for cancellation of the contract and is carried out on the basis of the written (paper) statement of the client. In that case the contract is dissolved from the date specified in the response notification of the Performer. Besides by the conclusion of the present Contract the Customer confirms that he is notified (without additional notice) about the rights established by the Law of Ukraine “About protection of personal information” about the purposes of data collection and also that his personal information is transferred for the purpose of a possibility of performance of conditions of the present Contract, a possibility of carrying out mutual settlements and also for obtaining accounts, acts and other documents. The customer also agrees that the Performer has the right to provide access and to transfer his personal information to the third parties without any additional notifications of the Customer without changing at the same time the purpose of processing of personal information. The volume of the rights of the Customer as subject of personal information according to the Law of Ukraine “About protection of personal information» is known and clear to him.

1. Personal information collecting.

1.1. During registration on the website we ask you to give necessary personal information which is necessary for rendering services. We reserve the right for demand to provide additional personal information in case of need.

1.2. The coоkie files – when you visit our website we send one or several coоkie files to your computer or other device. The coоkie files are used to increase quality of the provided services: to keep user settings.

1.3. Visits information – when our website access our servers automatically write down certain information. These magazines of the server may contain such information as a web request, the IP address, type and language of the browser, date and time of inquiry.

1.4. Some services offered by us are connected with other websites. Personal information which is provided by you to such websites can be transferred to us for providing these services. We process such information according to this privacy policy.

2. Providing access to information.

We provide access to personal information to other companies and individuals only under the following limited circumstances:

2.1. We have your permission for this act. For transfer of any confidential information we need your obvious consent.

2.2. We have sufficient bases to believe that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is necessary for:

• observance of any current laws, resolutions, requirements of legal process or the valid inquiry from government bodies;

• observance of the operating Conditions of rendering of services including investigation of potential violations;

• detection and prevention of roguish actions and also solution of problems of safety and elimination of technical malfunctions;

• protection against direct threat of causing damage to the rights property or safety of the company its users or the public as it is required or permitted by the law;

• prevention of the illegal activity connected with traffic in arms, people, child pornography, drugs etc. according to the policy of AML of international law.

3. Information security.

We take all necessary measures for data protection from non-authorized access, change, disclosure or destruction. Internal check of processes of collecting, storage and data processing and security measures including the corresponding enciphering and measures for ensuring physical data security for prevention of non-authorized access belong to these measures in particular.

4. Access to personal information and its updating.

We do everything depending on us to provide you access to your personal data and/or to correct them if they are incorrect or to remove by your inquiry if only their storage isn’t required by the law or isn’t caused by the lawful business purposes. Before processing of inquiries we ask users to confirm the personality and information which they want to receive, correct or remove.

5. Change of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy can be changed from time to time. Changes which are made to this privacy policy will be published on this page.