You can receive money in next countries:
Ukraine: Kiev
Russia: Moscow
Turkey: Istanbul
China: Beijing and Guangzhou
Iran: Tehran and other cities
UAE: Dubai
Bahrain: Manama
The security service of SolidTrustPay can detain your payment for additional check for up to 5 working days.
Attention! For SolidTrustPay exchange you have to fulfill the following requirements:
1. If the amount of the exchange exceeds $150 it is necessary to pass registration and personal verification on our website;
2. Your SolidTrustPay account has to be the Standard Verified level or above;
3. For successful payment in your SolidTrustPay account two-factor authentication has to be activated.
4. Minimum exchange amount depends from the city. This information is available during the city choosing.
5. Before the application providing please contact our manager for reserve specifing.
6. You can receive your money after the application is paid in full.


min.: 1000 USD, max.: 9999.45 USD

min.: 1000 USD
Including add. service fee (0.55 USD), you send

Example: user login in STP

max.: 196989.3672 USD

Please submit messenger name and login

Personal data

Enter your surname as in passport

Enter your name as in passport

Enter your e-mail

Enter your phone number

Exchange SolidTrustPay USD to Cash USD

You have to follow next steps for the exchange:
1. Fill in all fields of the given form. Press the button “Continue”.
2. Please study terms of the contract on rendering services of the exchange if you accept them deliver a tick in the respective field and press the button “I accept” (“I agree”). Examine application data once again.
3. Pay the application. For this purpose it is necessary to make the transfer of the necessary sum following instructions on our website.
4. After the specified actions executing the system will move you on the “Condition of the Application” page where the status of your transfer will be specified.
5. Expect execution of the application by the operator.

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19.04.2019, 13:38